Baux is on a shop relocation shut down. We'll be back towards the end of June. Thanks for your interest!

the super cool machined pen for Bic ink...

We'll make a Baux Pen for you!

(we especially like the fun ones:)

What They're saying about Baux Pens...

 I can't recommend these enough if you enjoy the classic Bic refill! (link)

Jeff Abbott (the Pen Addict contributor)

One thing I love about the Baux Pen is the grip. I opted for blasted titanium on all three of my pens, and the combination of the matte texture and rings make this a super-comfortable pen to write with. (link)

The Gentleman Stationer Blog

These barrels turned out really nice and the Titanium grips are smooth to the touch but the ridges offer plenty of non-slip grip. (link)

The Artful Stationer Blog

...the finish and quality in these are fantastic at such a reasonable price. Bravo guys. (link)

Mike Dudek (The Clicky Post Blog)